Wachovia Online Banking and Internet Services

Sunday 27 November 2011 @ 1:57 pm

, before it was acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008, was the fourth largest bank in the United States. In 2008, Wachovia was purchased by Wells Fargo, and a conversion process of Wachovia accounts to Wells Fargo accounts has taken place from 2008-2011. Fortunately, Wells Fargo will maintain all of the services offered by Wachovia, including and .


provides customers with a simple way to manage all of their account activities online, including checking account balances, viewing statements, and making transfers. provides almost all of the services customers can obtain by visiting a branch, on their terms and in the convenience of their own home.


Online bill pay provides Wachovia customers with the ability to set up bill pay accounts and schedule payments on a regular basis. It removes the hassle from paying bills and also ensures that bills get there on time, making late payments essentially an impossibility. Wachovia internet banking customers can schedule payments to both businesses and individuals, making payments of any kind easy.


This type of ease makes Wachovia banking online especially attractive for businesses looking to remove one more worry from their operation. Wachovia Business Banking provides access to online banking, including online bill pay, as well as the ability to download account information to common accounting programs like Quicken or Quickbooks.


Setting up Wachovia internet banking is an easy process. Customers can call online services at (800) 950-2296, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to set up their online account. Once the registration process is complete, you will be able to access your accounts online immediately. Online bill pay will be available within 1-3 days.


As the Wachovia/Wells Fargo process completes, remember that nothing regarding your online banking experience will change except the logos. Wells Fargo will continue to offer the amenities and services offered by Wachovia Bank Online, and will strive to make your experience a satisfying one!

Wachovia Bank: Brief Review

Saturday 26 November 2011 @ 1:04 pm

For any of you looking to open bank accounts, it is pretty certain you would have heard of . This bank is ranking up in the list together with the likes of Bank of America, Chase and a few others. In fact, is one of the more widely used banks in America.

Wachovia Bank offers several standard accounts that you will find in many other banks. Checking, Savings, and Certificates of Deposits are their main accounts. The bank offers online banking options for all of these accounts. By using online banking, you can deposit money right into your own accounts without having to touch it. This is an ideal solution if you are a business or freelancer and getting paid from a number of sources and clients. banking also offers setting up automatic payments, receiving alerts when balance is low, transferring funds to other accounts and banks, paying bills and a number of other features common in online banking.




Online banking service is one of the prominent features from Wachovia Bank’s offerings, and you should be taking advantage of it regardless of the account type you get.


Checking accounts have three different types. First one is the free checking account and there is no balance requirements for this. Hence, you basically don’t need to worry about going below a certain amount. For free checking accounts, there is no monthly fees and you can even use Wachovia ATM machines around the world without any fees for ATM cards too.


Something most online banking users are concerned is security. Wachovia Banking is one of the prominent banks in U.S and thus security is their top priority in online banking too. You really don’t have to worry much about getting your account stolen, unless you expose your own computers to security threats. From the online banking side of Wachovia Bank, there is literally nothing to worry about.

Wachovia Todays Online Banking

Saturday 26 November 2011 @ 1:02 pm


banking is rapidly becoming the banking approach to preference for numerous clients searching to be able to save your time. Really just recently the banking system showed up in top place for customer happiness as measured by Keynote System’s Keynote Customer Experience and repair Level Rankings.


What features set apart from its competition? Convenience is what put Wachovia while watching relaxation. Internet banking benefits banks by supplying clients a means to help themselves. But internet banking must also benefit clients, so when this kind of program isn’t intuitive and straightforward to navigate, clients won’t put it to use.


That’s not a problem at Wachovia. Its website is uncluttered and nicely categorized which enables clients to find out instantly exactly how you can cope with their immediate needs. Another area through which Wachovia online banking works extremely well is its utilization of customer care. Even though the web site is straightforward to navigate, you will discover times when clients won’t get sound advice or what direction to visit. When that happens, all they need to do is click on the Customer Care link. There clients will uncover several FAQ’s that have been designed to answer the most frequent questions. Gleam site map together with a reference of terms.


If that is still inadequate, clients just have click on the Call Us link. Again, clients will uncover their banking needs listed by category. They might require only click on the appropriate link too as with a minute, they have got complete information plus a toll-free telephone number generally.


So even though Wachovia online banking clients coping an online site utilization of one is only ever a glance away. Aside from the simplicity and immediate access to customer care, Wachovia online banking is supplied absolutely free of charge. Even better, many prospects report that the web banking site might be the feature that aided them choose Wachovia their bank. No real surprise Wachovia tops this list!


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Wachovia Online Banking Services

Saturday 26 November 2011 @ 12:45 pm

banking is one of the prominent features from . Account holders of can access and manage their multiple accounts in a single place through online banking. By using banking, customers can view detailed transactions from both present and past up to 3 months. Other features such as paying bills online, financial investment, retirement funds, and money transfers are also included.
You can get unlimited access to virtually generated bank statements and cheques. Printing them out from the website directly is also an option, if you need hard copy of your financial statements. Should you want to use the cheques and statements from Wachovia Bank for accounting purposes, you can even download them on your PC.

If you want to open a savings account, you can do so directly from your online banking account. Applying for one can be done with a few mouse clicks, and you will instantly get a savings account at Wachovia Bank. The online banking platform will also let you apply for a mortgage or a loan programme directly from the website. When you need additional instructions, you can basically have a live chat or email to a customer support operators.

Another feature offered by is the bill payment service. You can basically pay all your bills online. If you want to setup a recurring payment, then you can just create a schedule with certain amount. You can also use the online banking service to pay the bills ad-hoc. For some of you concerned about your balance, alert facility will email or SMS you should there is any changes in your balance. Such features allow you to have more control over your spending and banking day by day. Best of all? service is available for free of charge if you are already a customer of the Wachovia Bank.

Opening an account is piece of cake, and in fact Wachovia online banking is one of the best products offered by Wachovia Bank.

Protect Yourself with Online Banking

Wednesday 21 April 2010 @ 6:54 pm

Have you ever been a victim of or knew someone who was a victim of credit card theft or check forgery? What about being late on a payment because you forgot about it?  Then to make matters worse when you get to the bank it is closed? These types of things happen many times everyday all across America. How can you possibly protect your finances when the banks are closed most of the time?

I have the answer to all of your problems! All you need is an online banking account. How will this help me you ask?

For one online banking doesn’t conform to the 9-5 hours of the traditional banking method. That is right, online banking is open 24/7/365! What does this mean for the customer? This means instant access to your money when you need it from where ever you may be in the world.

What features will I have access to through online banking?

Through online banking the customer has full access to his or her account information. Whether you want to check your balance, transfer money, get a statement, and edit your account information (change your password or even change your account type), even pay your bills! It all can be done online when it is convenient for you.

What about security?

Most if not all online banks offer secure areas in which your account information can be accessed. In order to gain access you have to correctly enter your account information and your password, which you choose when opening your online account. Most online banks also offer to send you a text when ever your account is used for withdraws. This lowers the risk of identity theft.

Our lives don’t usually fall neatly into the 9-5 order of the traditional banking system. In the fast paced global economy that we all live in, it is necessary to have quick access to our finances no matter what time it is.

Wachovia Online Banking with BillPay – The Benefits | bank

Monday 29 March 2010 @ 12:37 pm

Wachovia which is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo is a wonderful banking option for retirees or those who are approaching retirement age. Not only do account holders have access to all of their funds, but there is also a special retirement account to help plan and manage your retirement. Wachovia has the highest percentage of satisfied customers in the United States. Wachovia, online banking is the perfect mix of innovativeness and a friendly user interface.

’s user interfaces allows the account holder to browse through categories such as: user profile, account services, contact us, privacy and security options, and also FAQS.

Retirement accounts are absolutely necessary. Not only for those who are approaching retirement age, but also for those who wish to start planning their retirement early. Many retirees today, if given access to such a feature before they retired, would be in better shape financially. Most of these retirees probably have their sole source of income coming from Social Security. Although in theory this sounds like a very good practice really is not the best choice. Once you retire, you often find yourself lacking in funds throughout the month.

Let me give you an example, one retiree that I had the pleasure of knowing was truly hard off during her retirement. She worked all her life, mostly in the fast food industry. Sometimes she would even be forced to work two jobs to make ends meet, this was when her children were young. Before she reached retirement age, and the children were out of the house, she often had enough money to enjoy or splurge a bit during the month. After retirement, however, things changed drastically. Due to the increasing cost of health care, she soon found herself barely making do. Her only source of income, you see was Social Security. If she would’ve had a retirement account through banking during the planning of her retirement, she most surely would’ve had more than $800 per month.

Once you’re retired, and drawing Social Security is very hard to supplement that income. It is best to plan the supplementing before you retire and that is just what you will accomplish with Wachovia online banking. Wachovia online banking account holders are able to access all of their transactions in real time including having access to all the controls concerning their retirement account. These controls allow the account holder to change the amount that they want deposited into their retirement account every month. With the Wachovia online banking, account holders also have the option to transfer money from one Wachovia account to another for free, or for a small fee transfer from a Wachovia online banking account to another bank. Access to your banking history is limited to seven years.

In order to qualify for Wachovia online banking you have to be a resident of the United States, and old enough to enter into a lawfully binding agreement. To sign up you can either visit one of Wachovia’s local branches or online.

Wachovia Online Banking | bank automation

Friday 13 November 2009 @ 11:34 pm

is becoming banking method of choice for millions of people looking forward to save time and manage their accounts safely. Most services available at Wachovia branch are accessible online. Wachovia offers an Online Services Guarantee that guarantees your account safety against unauthorized access. In our world, anything can happen, In case you notice unauthorized access or transactions in your statement, Wachovia within 60 days of a statement with unauthorized activity, you will be covered for any losses you incur.

With Wachovia’s free Online BillPay, you can pay just about anyone without writing check. You can easily setup payment schedule for regular bills and onetime payment authorizations for rare bills. All of your bills will be paid from your chosen account electronically. You can also set payment reminders, which will be sent directly to your mailbox.

Banking makes it easy to view your past transactions in any account within 90 days. You can see in details what checks you’ve written, view your loan balance, or check recent deposit or withdrawals, monitor credit card charges information and controls your money market investments account. Additionally, you can easily transfer funds from Wachovia’s account to your other accounts, or from your Wachovia’s account to any other different bank account.

We highly recommend you to enroll in Online Banking directly from Wachovia’s website or call (800) 950-2296.