Wachovia Bank: Brief Review

For any of you looking to open bank accounts, it is pretty certain you would have heard of . This bank is ranking up in the list together with the likes of Bank of America, Chase and a few others. In fact, is one of the more widely used banks in America.

Wachovia Bank offers several standard accounts that you will find in many other banks. Checking, Savings, and Certificates of Deposits are their main accounts. The bank offers online banking options for all of these accounts. By using online banking, you can deposit money right into your own accounts without having to touch it. This is an ideal solution if you are a business or freelancer and getting paid from a number of sources and clients. also offers setting up automatic payments, receiving alerts when balance is low, transferring funds to other accounts and banks, paying bills and a number of other features common in online banking.




Online banking service is one of the prominent features from Wachovia Bank’s offerings, and you should be taking advantage of it regardless of the account type you get.


Checking accounts have three different types. First one is the free checking account and there is no balance requirements for this. Hence, you basically don’t need to worry about going below a certain amount. For free checking accounts, there is no monthly fees and you can even use Wachovia ATM machines around the world without any fees for ATM cards too.


Something most online banking users are concerned is security. Wachovia Banking is one of the prominent banks in U.S and thus security is their top priority in online banking too. You really don’t have to worry much about getting your account stolen, unless you expose your own computers to security threats. From the online banking side of Wachovia Bank, there is literally nothing to worry about.

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